Being a CIO in the financial industry give a whole new meaning to the term “Mission Critical”. It is absolutely critical to have a true 24x7 availability and security throughout your different systems. Customers will not tolerate a decline in their credit card due to a system being down. Neither will they accept standing in front of the ATM machine and not being able to withdraw from their account. In addition, an institution will have to introduce new products and compete with other institutions in terms of innovative products and services. On top of that, all of these will have to be highly secured. All of these will have to fit with a shrinking budget


In order to achieve all of that, the institution will have to partner with vendors who understand the business, can offer innovative products, provide superior support in a cost effective way. The five pillars here are SECURE, INNOVATIVE, COST-EFFECTIVE, USER FRIENDLY, and ON TIME!


As a bank CIO and COO, I had dealt with many vendors throughout my 30 years career in the business. Only a handful of the vendors were able to understand and offer solutions that covered most of these five pillars in the right combination.



It was in 2005 that the idea of establishing a company that would partner with the institution and provide them with the RIGHT combination of product, security, support and cost came to mind. I said to myself “who understands the customer needs more than the customer himself and I was a customer”. The next step was to invite some of the people, whom I know shared my vision, to join in. A team was formed and Middle East Turnkey Solution (METS) was born mid-2005.

It consisted of expertise coming from the customer side, vendor side, and people from large software multinational corporates. We selected the word “Turnkey” to show our commitment in providing full working solutions rather than programs that perform a certain task. It was our intention to specialize in the area of Security, Monitoring, and Auditing rather than being a “Jack of all trades” type of company.


In 2008 and after the great success in the financial sector, we decided it was time to expand into other sectors and to provide our solutions to the Government sector. We used the same philosophy and approach. Today we have our products and services running in more than 15 public sector ministries and organizations.
We are still expanding and looking into new areas and ventures. Life will continue and so do our dreams and ambitions. As Mahatma Gandhi once said “Dreams at first seem impossible, then seem improbable, and finally, when we commit ourselves, become inevitable”.

METS Vision
In collaboration with the elite vendors, assist Customers to keep its data monitored and secured at all times. Enabling only authorised people to see the full story about their data.
By leveraging METS Expertise and capabilities, know how, and Strong Technical team, we aim to be the go-to-highly professional trusted company for scoring Quick Wins.