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Securing Your Confidential Data

At METS, with over 15 years of experience in security, auditing and monitoring, we know in a connected world, legacy approaches to security have fallen short. Because they operate in silos, these approaches create gaps, forcing the organization to manage each silo separately. This challenges everybody, especially users, with pointless and inefficient complexity. Plus, instead of reducing costs and risks, they have the opposite impact. Worse yet, security is seen as a process of restriction and denial, rather than a business enabler.

The power of METS Security software solutions is to protect the organization from endpoint to datacenter to cloud, achieve your most stringent compliance requirements, and transform security to a function of enablement through rapid adoption of new technologies.

MEST offers a unique and solid security solutions from a very well-known and trusted vendors who are in the business for more years and know exactly about the pain coming from internal and external risk factors.

NOT only METS collaborates with well-established vendors like Quest Software and ForeScout and Attivo to build a trusted relationship between the end user and the technology, but has a solid, experienced and certified team who can implement, train and support such solutions.